Protan PVC roofing membranes

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Protan PVC roofing membranes

Protan PVC roofing membranes

Ltd. "Aldeko" roofing and installation

“Aldeko” is a well established company in the Latvian roofing materials sales and installation market
“Aldeko” operates since 2005 and has grown into one of the leading soft roofing materials suppliers in Latvia, by constant expansion, increasing number of its customers and improving its services.

The professional team will not only advise on the choice of the most appropriate roofing material, but perform the installation works, by providing quality and durability of the materials. “Aldeko” has already proved itself to be a trusted partner, as customers’ references and large scale projects implemented by the company show.

“Aldeko” is the official representative of the worldwide known soft roofing materials producer “Protan” in Latvia.

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Ltd. "Aldeko" oficcial representative Protan soft roofing materials producer in Latvia

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As formed roof?

The process of roof coating is not just applying the materials and that’s it. Prior to that, our team makes precise calculations when it comes to materials and search for the appropriate design. "Aldeko" are masters in roofing and do their work to perfection.

Protan PVC roofing membranes - Ltd. Aldeko

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“Aldeko” is the official representative of the worldwide known soft roofing materials producer “Protan” in Latvia. “Protan” is a multifunctional PVD membrane and technical fabric producer, whose main production facilities are based in Norway. The company was founded in 1939 and every year adjusts its production methods to the changing requests of the customers and needs of the market. “Protan” products are independently tested for correspondence to international ISO 9001 quality standards.