PVC membranes

“Protan” waterproof membranes are traditionally used in the roof constructions of the apartments, where durability and water resistance are paramount. This roofing material is not advisable for tar roofs or bent roof surfaces. The waterproof membranes are fit for new houses, as well as renovation projects and may be mounted on different types of base. The product may be mechanically mounted or attached as an adhesive, depending on specific needs.

PVC membranes are available in a range of different colours, suiting any taste.

”Aldeko" offers are:

  • PROTAN SE (roofing),
  • PROTAN GT (terrace) and
  • PROTAN G, GG (reversible roofing) types of membranes are available. 

Modern PVC membranes are durable, fire, cold and UV resistant.