Terrace tiles

Zoontjens Dreen® Slab is a high quality paving system developed specifically for flat roofs.
Dreen® Slab is exceptional in that it combines attractive appearance and trouble-free rainwater disposal with great strength and structural stability. Once installed Dreen® Slabs have an integral rigidity which means they cannot move or distort.
The Dreen® Slab system is incredibly flexible in application, and can be laid in square or diagonal patterns as required. You decide the visual effect you want and Dreen® Slab can accommodate your requirements.
The Dreen® slabs themselves are designed to engage firmly together while allowing a free flow of drainage beneath.

Mini-Dreen® for smaller scale applications and domestic use.
Dreen® Slabs can transform flat roofs from wasted space into useful pedestrian areas, with visually sophisticated and attractive paving.
Dreen® Slabs can also be laid over underground car parks, basements, etc – so, in some cases, you wouldn’t even know you were walking on a roof.